NickServ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Questions/issues about Nickserv should be addressed here.
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NickServ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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For general questions concerning NickServ, see below.

How do I register my nickname?
Answer: type /nickserv register
Example: To register the nickname Scott, you would type /nickserv register mYp4ssw0rd

How do I group two nicknames?
Answer: When grouping two nicknames, only register your primary name. The nickname to be grouped cannot be registered. The command to issue the group is /nickserv group
Example: If you want to group Scotty with Scott, the name Scott must be registered. When logged in as Scotty, type /nickserv group Scott mYp4ssw0rd to join the group of Scott.

How do I change my nickname password?
Answer: type /nickserv set password

Someone else is logged in with my nickname. How do I regain control of my nick?
Answer: type /nickserv ghost
Example: If your nick is Scott, and someone else is logged in with it, you can type /nickserv ghost Scott mYp4ssw0rd to regain custody of the name.
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