Repeating Disconnection Problem

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Repeating Disconnection Problem

Post by xxpython »

Hi, i have a problem with mIRC.
Everytime i connect to a room, i for some reason get disconnected from mIRC every 4-7 mins. I can reconnect no problem but this happens always.
I'm using windows 7, no other program is having problem with my network except mIRC.

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Re: Repeating Disconnection Problem

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Hi xxpython,

Can you send me a private message through the board showing your connection logs from the Status window when this occurs? This might help identify what's causing the frequent disconnects. At the very least, logs will show me the specific server you're getting disconnected from.

Do you get disconnected from other IRC networks every 4-7 minutes as well?

Has this happened before, or is this a new problem?



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