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[22-11][14:32.52] * Connect retry #99 (6667)
[22-11][14:32.53] Closing Link: [] Z:Lined (wee2, You have a host listed as a (Open proxy), please visit
[22-11][14:32.53] * [10053] Software caused connection abort
[22-11][14:32.53] * Disconnected

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Re: banned

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Hey wee2,

My apologies for the long overdue reply. It appears you're trying to access an IRC network called Chat-Solutions won't be able to remove your ban on that network; however, the website in the ban message shows your IP as being clean. It's up to to determine how long the ban remains. It may have already cleared.

If you meant to access Chat-Solutions (instead of, please connect to

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck, and happy holidays!

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