Testing new IRCd Software

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Testing new IRCd Software

Post by Benjamin »

Hello everyone,

As is stated in the welcome message on Chat Solutions, I'm testing out some new software that I hope will address some minor issues with both the server and services involved.

I'm asking that everyone please check it out, and do some digging and make sure all your settings for both nickname and channel registrations are a-ok.  If you come across what you think is a bug or glitch, please notify me immediately by leaving me a memo through MemoServ, or better yet, post it right here.  If you encounter what you believe is an exploit, please message me privately either on here or on the network.

The new IRCd software is called UnrealIRCd (v3.2.5), and you can click here for documentation.  Most of it is for the admins only, but some if it might prove useful to end users.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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Re: Testing new IRCd Software

Post by Spuds »

Meh... people are lazy... ;)  I think likely most people won't even notice the change.  And even if they do, likely won't take the time to post here. ;)

Mostly because they'd have to sign up.

I hope YOU like the software once over the initial setup shock.